Tips to get the most out of LinkedIn in 2021

by Louise Biddle on July 14, 2021
LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform to grow your network and offers many opportunities for not only yourself, but your business.

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform to grow your network and offers many opportunities for not only yourself, but your business. As the current climate does not allow for in person networking events, meetings, conferences, etc., LinkedIn has become an important tool in continuing business networking and forming connections in 2021.

This blog will give you an insight into the best practices of LinkedIn for 2021 and what tips you need to know about the latest updates 

Posting Content:

  • Post content daily

With 722 million users, networking opportunities are endless. Keep your opportunities open by posting content daily to give you a better chance at influencing people that may hire you or use your business. According to data gathered in 2017, only 1% of users post to LinkedIn. This means your content has a higher significance and potential to attract attention.

  • Post content about you

Posts about yourself to increase the attention of other users, businesspeople are still people with personal lives, relationships, and a curiosity of others. Adding some personal content to your LinkedIn can make you and your business seem more genuine which attracts people and encourages them to connect.

  • Post about your company on your personal page

As established, businesspeople are still people and so they tend to be more interested in other people than a faceless company. Because of this, it is encouraged that you post your company’s news and content on your personal page. Your company posts are likely to gain more engagement from posting to your personal page than to your company page. Although a lot of company pages have many followers, they usually have very few users that engage with its content – most of the time these users are employees of the company anyway. Posting content about your company on your personal profile gains much more interest & engagement.

5 Best Features to boost productivity:

  • Blogging Interface

Microsoft upgraded many features of LinkedIn including the blogging interface which is helpful in creating and editing content for your web account. This upgraded interface assists in creating a strong presence on LinkedIn and gaining more engagement from users.

  • LinkedIn Scheduler

With many useful upgraded functions, the LinkedIn scheduler can help in organising your networking events, meetings and interviews you may have scheduled. Not only can this feature help in providing you timely information about your commitments, but it can also synchronise your mobile contacts & calendar and allow you to schedule events through email.

  • Export Connections

An incredibly useful feature of LinkedIn is the ability to export connections to other apps or systems you may be using to manage your contact list. With the ability to export all information about each individual contact, you will be able to create a spreadsheet full of this information – especially useful for companies looking to grow their contact list.

  • LinkedIn Polls

Using LinkedIn Polls not only allows you to gain important market trends and information, but also increases engagement. It is a very useful feature for those wanting to obtain knowledge on certain things to assist in decision making.

  • ‘Events’ Tab

With the worldwide pandemic in full force, meeting people in-person does not happen anymore. Using a feature sure as the LinkedIn Events Tab can allow you to continue networking and making connections through virtual conferences and discussion panels which can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Open opportunities to engage with potential clients or important people within your field to increase your network and knowledge.

These are only a few tips and tricks to making the most of your LinkedIn profile and taking advantage of the tools, software upgrades, interfaces and networking opportunities this platform has to offer. Keep exploring different ways to use LinkedIn to see what works best for you and your business.

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