LinkedIn Marketing: 10 top tips to market yourself in 2022

by Louise Biddle on February 1, 2022
10 top tips to market yourself on LinkedIn

Having an up to date LinkedIn profile for your business and its key employees is essential to keep your company and team on brand. Here are some essential LinkedIn tips that you need to know.

  1. You must have an up-to-date picture which should be taken by a professional or a least a very good photographer. A smile is more friendly than a frown, but a relaxed expression is better than a forced, fake smile. Also, remember to look right at the camera, not off to one side. We all care about what people look like even if we think we don’t.
  2. Update Linkedin at least three times a week. This keeps your profile high in the searches.
  3. Think about who the likely employer might be and write in a way that will appeal to them. Using the language of their industry shows that you will fit in naturally and understand their world.

  4. Look at jobs you’re interested in and see which skills are being requested. These will be key words when people are searching, so scatter them liberally as you write.

  5. Write about not just your skills and achievements but also what matters to you, such as honesty, loyalty, challenge etc. Writing from the heart about your core values will come across well, so don’t fake anything. People will see right through it.
  6. It’s important to define why you are unique but this can be hard to describe when it’s about yourself. It’s worth asking people you trust and who care about you just what makes you unique. Describing honestly what makes you special will help you stand out and stick in people’s mind after they have read lots of CVs.

  7. Avoid clichés and buzzwords such as innovative, driven, hardworking, effective, successful, and motivated. These qualities will be expected of you and those words mean nothing in isolation anyway. It’s much better to tell people about the impact you’ve had, the change you’ve created, the initiatives you’ve led, and the results you’ve delivered. This would also be the right time to describe specific technologies and practices you are experienced in.

  8. Offering some information about your life outside of work brings colour and depth to your presentation, again making you memorable. Don’t be too detailed or personal, but you can include your family situation, interests, sports and hobbies. It’s wise to avoid sounding too egotistical by listing every trophy you’ve ever won, but modest references to achievements will be well received. An active sporting life suggests fitness and good health, both attractive qualities in an employee.

  9. Posting well written articles on Linkedin can do wonders for your profile and establish you as an expert in your field. However, be careful to ensure all your facts are 100% correct before you post. Failure to do this could have the opposite effect very quickly.

  10. Ask somebody who writes well to check everything you type for spelling and grammatical errors. We all make mistakes and it’s close to impossible to edit your own writing, so the fresh eyes of somebody you trust will pick them up for you. Leaving errors in your writing makes you look careless and lazy, not somebody an employer would want to represent them.   

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