Webinar: Introduction to Digital Marketing

by HQ

On Wednesday May 4th the Charlie Charlie One team hosted an 'Introduction to Digital Marketing' webinar in partnership with RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity and TechVets.

Access the webinar slide deck and relevant links.

Watch a recording of the webinar now:


What's inside?

What is digital marketing? Why should I consider a career in digital marketing? How do I re-train or upskill? Why is digital marketing a 'good fit' for military partners?

The Charlie Charlie One team deliver a a special webinar that delves into the realities of a career in digital marketing. We talk about all of the different roles you could consider including; SEO, content creation, social media, CRM management, data analysis, digital advertising, inbound marketing strategy, online PR, email marketing and more!

The session is followed by a Q&A session with the panel (many of whom are military partners) to answer queries.